Legend tells us that the magical people of Maori folklore, the Patupaiarehe, warmed themselves and toasted friendship with a drink distilled from Titoki berries.  The potion, it was said, captured the intensity and glow of the earth's hidden fires.
Today, you can experience that same heart - warming flavour in this undeniably New Zealand liqueur. Recent News We are excited to announce that Ti-toki is now under new management. Rest assured that Ti-toki Liqueur will remain unchanged, but there will be some fresh changes behind the scenes.

Karuna Douglas and Ruth Hirst For those of you keen to get things rolling today we have some fabulous cocktails online and a list of current stockists. We welcome contributions from Ti-toki fans! so if you have a favourite cocktail or cooking recipe just drop us a line via the contact page. Check back here for some fantastic new additions to this site in the very near future!